Defer Upgrades in Windows 10

Defer upgrade is a newly introduced feature in the latest edition of Windows 10 which stops your PC form getting the very latest Windows latest updated features right away as soon as they are rolled out. 

With the coming of Windows 10, it truly revolutionizes the smart world but it still one point of it got lots of criticism. And that was Auto-Updates, or shall we say, the forced Auto-Updates.

Well anyways, Windows 10 has come up with the latest feature of “defer updates” in the latest edition of Windows 10 in which the user can stop its operating system in any laptop or PC from getting latest updated features installed in their system.

Here in this article, we will be telling you about how to defer updates in Windows 10.

What is Defer Upgrades Option in Windows 10?

So while using this feature “Defer Updates”, any new feature or edition that has come with the new update on Windows 10 operating system, will not be downloaded and installed for several months.

This will let the user of the operating system use the current benefits and features of Windows 10 without installing the new ones. Basically, it helps the user not to avail any new feature or update on Windows 10 even if it is out in the market.

How to Defer Upgrades in Windows 10

Deferring Windows 10 Updates really comes in handy when you have some problems with your data connection or you don’t have enough bandwidth. Or also if the auto updates take lots of your internet speed. In such a case Defer Updates in Windows 10 Operating System helps in multiple ways.

Following are the Steps to defer upgrades using the latest feature of Windows 10- “defer upgrades”:-

SETTINGS > Security and Updates > Advanced options

In “Advanced options” tick the Check box of Defer Upgrades.

This feature “Defer upgrades” is only in some versions of your installed Windows 10 operating system. Those versions are enlisted below:-

1. Windows 10 home edition
2. Windows 10 Professional edition
3. Windows 10 single language

What about the security updates of the operating system?

This feature “defer updates” does not affect security updates feature of the operating system. In this fast growing Tech-world, cybercrime is growing at the same pace. Thus one must have a secured operating system with all new security updates. No security updates will be hindered from this latest feature of Windows 10-“defer updates”.

Only Windows features related updates can be stopped for months even after they are out in the market for use. And hence user can avail the current benefits of the operating system without any new update and feature.

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The article describes you about latest feature of Windows 10- “defer updates” which lets you to put a hold on new Windows updates and features and use the current benefits of the installed features for months. We invite all your suggestions, doubts, comments and queries in Comment Section below. Tell us how much you liked this article.
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