How to Get Help in Windows 10

In this post we will be helping you on how to get help in Windows 10 from Microsoft.
Upgraded your PC/laptop to Windows 10? And finding it difficult to operate? It's not just your case. Many of the new users of Windows 10 are facing the same problem. There are endless new features and number of new interfaces in Windows 10 which can confuse a user while he/she operates it. Nothing to worry, Microsoft indeed has a solution for all your problems and that too only on a click of a few buttons or just a small convo with Cortana.

get help in Windows 10
In Earlier versions of the Windows, the closest way to get help for any difficulty in operating was "F1" key which showed the answers already encrypted in the operating system. Nonetheless, that feature still exists in Windows 10. But with that Windows 10 also come with a lot of handy and more comfortable features as well which can help in minimizing your difficulties in operating and get you help in Windows 10.

How to get Help in Windows 10

This article will illustrate you a number of methods that Microsoft avails you for getting help in Windows 10 and solve all your difficulties regarding operating windows 10. 
Now telling you in brief, in what ways can you get the help for Windows 10-

  • Official Windows 10 Help page / Website support 
  • Windows 10 Forums
  • Online Windows 10 Guides, Tutorials and Fixes (Not Official)
  • Offline Troubleshooting
  • Microsoft Answer Desk Page (Not fully Free but best)
  • Call Support 

What help might you need while operating windows 10?

Though Windows 10 is said and expected to be one of the more stable versions to work with, there are still some problems which are usually seen in Windows 10.
  • How to Sync devices in Windows 10?
  • How to Use Cortana in your region?
  • how to View Microsoft Edge History?
  • How to delete Microsoft Edge History?
  • how to Protect Windows 10 PC from Virus?
  • How to enable Windows 10 Defender?
  • How to stop Automatic Updates in Windows 10 PC?
  • how to install a printer in Windows 10?
  • How to Fix errors in printer installation in Windows 10 PC?
  • Get help in Windows 10 File Explorer?
  • How to Check Windows 10 Updates?
and the list goes on and on.

Get help in Windows 10 from Microsoft Answer Desk Page

With this you can get one on one direct chat or call support to any of your windows 10 problems. They provide both hardware and software support and claim to solve most of your windows 10 problems.  Here's the link for it. 

You can simply schedule an appointment with them and get your problem solved. The only thing is that this is not a free service, you will be charged on annual basis. The pricing starts from 99$. 

Microsoft offers live chat support for Windows users so that they can get to know their problems in detail. Also, users won’t have to go through the trouble of typing a lot and that too in a proper manner so that the support team can understand it. Live Support is indeed an awesome way for users to get solutions to their problems as soon as possible without creating a lot of hassle. Users can start the live chat with Microsoft support after going to

You can get help in Windows 10 by Pressing F1

Just as the older versions of the Windows F1 key will let you see all the documentation that is already encoded in the operating system. When you press F1 in whatever file or tab you have opened, you get all the information related to it. If that even doesn’t help, that Function (F1) will directly let you to your default internet browser with a BING tab opened so that you can search your problem online.

Ask CORTANA to get help in Windows 10

Cortana, A very well known virtual assistant introduced by MICROSOFT has indeed made one Windows user's life simpler by easing their access to their PC/laptop. But there is more to CORTANA than just reminding you about your meetings or composing your E-mail. Cortana can even help you fix your minor issues related to your operations. Solutions to many frequently asked questions to Cortana are built in all ready for your instant assistant. References to many shortcuts are also available.

Customer Support to get Help

Microsoft has also enacted a chat system with which you can directly contact/chat with any Microsoft assistant describing all your problems. Just thinking about such help option one will think about how efficiently can such "chat" system work. But Microsoft proved it as a very effective mode of getting help in Windows 10.
You get "Contact Support" app already installed in your PC/laptop. You just need to choose the best category in the app that best suits your problem and you will be finally given aa option "chat online with a Microsoft tech agent".

Get Help from Forum

Windows has a dedicated page online where anyone can browse for errors and find the best solutions. Most of the common problems can be solved using the website links itself. So its recommended that you browse the windows 10 help page. Browse Now

This is the best for those who don’t have a lot of bandwidth to use or have slow internet connection or do not like video calling. All they have to do is go to

Offline Troubleshooting

In case you don’t have an internet connection, you can troubleshoot your problems offline. If your problem is with a specific program or file then right click on it and then click on Troubleshoot Compatibility or any other troubleshooting options present. This way some of the problems can be solved, however the big errors and fixes needs an online net connection to get solved.


In all you get a number of options to get help in Windows 10 and solve all your problems for the smooth functioning of your operating system. Still, if you have any doubt regarding the functioning of the same, feel free to contact us or write to us.
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