How To View or Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History in Windows 10

For a long time in the past “Internet Explorer” had been a brand in the list of internet browsers. But with the passage of time, the competitors in this web browsers’ market started overpowering the market. Leading to the shift of users from Internet Explorer to other new web browsers. 

Due to the poor performance and slow internet service of this very browser, it became the need of the hour for MICROSOFT to revolutionize “Internet Explorer”.

And while launching Windows 10, Microsoft also launched a brand new web browser namely “Microsoft EDGE”. This new web browser has overcome most of the drawbacks of the old INTERNET EXPLORER and comes with many edgy features.

How To View or Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History

While many of the features from that old web browser still remain in the MICROSOFT EDGE, you just need to know where to find them.

Where to find the option for deleting the browsing history in Microsoft EDGE

It is not hard to find features in the new Microsoft EDGE for a better comfortability just like this feature of deleting browsing history of things you have searched on the internet using this new web browser Microsoft EDGE.

Microsoft EDGE also comes with another better feature relating to the same, i.e, “InPrivate” mode. “InPrivate” mode is a separate Private Tab which is opened using this feature. In this mode, the browser doesn’t track or record the websites you have visited or the things you have searched making it more simple for not having any search history.

None the less you still have a feature to delete the browsing history from the browser if you have not used the InPrivate mode.

Following are the steps to Delete Browsing History in MICROSOFT EDGE:-

Step 1 – click on the three dots (which normally indicate the ‘options’ option) on the top right corner of the web browser window.

Step 2 – in the drop-down menu you will find the option “settings”. Click on it.

Step 3 – in setting look for the option “clear browsing history” and click on “Choose what to clear”.

Step 4 – you will have to select here the content you want to get rid of such as browsing history, 
saved passwords and logins, cache and all. Make sure if you don’t want to clear your logins and passwords, you don’t select that option and just check the option of clearing the browsing history
So that is how you delete your browsing history in the new Microsoft EDGE browser.

Some more edgy features of Microsoft EDGE web browser

1. A search assistant with the browser – “Cortana”
2. Make your own notes on the web page and save it for future reference
3. Use “Reading View” feature to read the content on the page without any distractions of the flashing ads and pop-ups
4. Create a Reading list using the “Reading lists” feature
5. Share your content you like on the internet easily through the “Integrated Share panel”
6. Not the least you can PIN your favorite Web page on the Start Menu. 
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