Why Isn't Cortana Available on my Windows 10 PC? Solution

After this, you won't be getting a question to "Why isn't Cortana available on my Windows 10 Pc or laptop". 

What is your personal opinion about IOS' Siri? it was probably the first Voice Activated Personal Assistant by Apple for all its products working for its users to make their life simpler. Microsoft with the launch of Windows 10 brought into existence its very own Voice activated personal Assistant for all windows user namely "CORTANA". It’s the very modified version of IOS's Siri. It has various new handy and edgy features that can make one Windows user's life simpler and organized.

Why Isn't Cortana Available on my Windows 10 PC - ANSWERED

Why isn’t Cortana available on my Windows 10 PC?

You can follow this:

How Turn on Cortana on Windows 10

cortana not supported

Following are the steps to enable Cortana in an unsupported region:-

Step1- first of all, make sure regardless of the fact where you belong or what language you speak and use your device you need to set you windows language to the one supported by Cortana, most favorable will be English (United States).

Step2- now next you need to go to the Control panel.

Step3- go to 'Clock, Region and Language'

Step4- then you need to go to 'Region'

Step5 – in the 'Region' option you need to set the "home location" as "UNITED STATES".

So that it is how you can enable Cortana in a country or region where Cortana is unsupported. Follow those step to Enable Cortana and enjoy all the handy features of your very own Personal Assistant.

Also note that changing your region and language of your Windows 10 PC to United States and English may get Cortana to work but it might be hard for Cortana to understand your pronunciation and work smoothly as you do not belong to that particular region and do not speak the particular language. 

Following are the few crafty features of CORTANA:

1. Cortana's Search option- Cortana not only connects you to the sea of knowledge on the internet but also to all your stuff on the hard disk. From what you have worked on recently to the folders you have visited last month, Cortana can access you to every corner.

2. Reminder- among the cool features of the Cortana, you are benefited with Cortana reminding you all your task from deleting trash from the drive to having dinner with your spouse and asking a friend about his day when he tests you in the night.

3. Cortana's NOTEBOOK- with time Cortana will learn about your taste and preferences according to what you search mostly or your activities online. But if want something that Cortana must know instantly then you can add it to its notebook.

4. Compose Emails with Cortana- there is no more a need to have a personal assistant to write an email for what you narrate. Cortana is here to do that work for you. All you need to do is sign in with your account and next time you need to send an email just narrate it to Cortana.

There are even more features that come with Cortana such as Multi-device sinking, multitasking, syncing of Cortana with Microsoft's Browser, voice activation and many-many more.

But the major problem that Microsoft users across the world face is that the feature of Cortana is available in only a few countries such as United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and China. These are only the countries or regions where Cortana is working properly with no errors. But that raises the biggest question that people from other countries or region how are they going to access Cortana since Microsoft users are found everywhere across the world. Although there are few countries where in the near future Cortana will be available shortly from India, Japan, Australia, Canada, and Mexico.

Here in this article, we describe you how you can make your PC/laptop work with Cortana even if you don’t belong the region that supports Cortana. You just need to follow the steps to enable Cortana in your PC/laptop.
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